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Zuko is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. He served as the Fire Lord until he stepped down and gave the position to his daughter.



Jinko - the ship between Zuko and Jin
Junko - the ship between Zuko and June
Maiko - the ship between Zuko and Mai
Soko - the ship between Zuko and Song
Toko - the ship between Zuko and Toph Beifong
Ty Luko - the ship between Zuko and Ty Lee
Zuki - the ship between Zuko and Suki
Zutara - the ship between Zuko and Katara


Jetko - the ship between Zuko and Jet
Zukaang - the ship between Zuko and Aaang
Zukka - the ship between Zuko and Sokka



Main article: Jinko

Zuko first noticed Jin when he saw her looking at him in the tea shop that he and his uncle were working at. Zuko thought that she caught onto them being from the Fire Nation but Iroh pointed out that she had a crush on him. Zuko later went out on a date with her. They went to dinner together and Zuko tried to juggle for her after making up a back story. He also risked firebending for her to light up a fountain. They kissed but Zuko eventually ran away and explained that it was complicated.


Main article: Maiko

Zuko and Mai knew each other since they were children due to Mai's friendship with Zuko's sister Azula. Mai had a crush on Zuko when they were children and they began dating after Zuko was permitted to return from his banishment. The two kissed a lot and went out on a few dates. They also broke up multiple times. They briefly broke up during a vacation due to an outburst and again when Zuko betrayed the Fire Nation to help Aang. However, Mai eventually turned on Azula in order to save Zuko's life. Following the end of the war, the two got back together. A year later, Mai broke up with Zuko again when she found out that he was keeping secrets from her.

Zuko later returns to the Fire Nation after finding his mother. He and Mai are reunited but the latter is now dating Kei Lo instead. Zuko is clearly bothered by this but still tries to be happy for her. Later, Mai's brother Tom-Tom is captured by the Kemurikage who are out to punish bad children. Zuko summons Aang and does everything he can to try and help her.


Zuko is one of the most popular Avatar characters if not the most popular. While he was initially introduced as one of the main villains, many fans sympathized with him due to the fact that he was banished and felt that he was redeemable. This turned out to be correct as Zuko eventually joined Team Avatar. A lot of fans hoped that Zuko would be redeemed so that he could end up with Katara. Many fans were disappointed that he did not end up with Katara and most assumed that he married Mai. However, while Zuko did have a daughter, it is unknown who the mother is and he eventually broke up with Mai again. Some fans hope that Zuko married Mai while others hope that he ended up with somebody else.



Izumi is Zuko's daughter and his only known child. It is unknown who her mother is. She is current Fire Lord as Zuko stepped down so that he could travel the world as an ambassador. Not much is known about her except that she has two children. One is a son named Iroh who serves that the general of the United Forces and the other is an unnamed daughter who was supposed to be Mako's love interest. Izumi is a rather serious Fire Lord and refuses to get involved in war unless absolutely necessary due to the Fire Nation's history of cruelty.


  • Avatar Extras stated that Zuko was originally going to be Katara's love interest.