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Zhu Li Moon is a character in The Legend of Korra series. She is the assistant of Iknik Blackstone Varrick who eventually became his wife.


Het Ships

  • Zhurrick - Zhu Li and Iknik Blackstone Varrick


Iknik Blackstone Varrick

Zhu Li worked for Varrick for a long time as his assistant. The two were so in sync that Varrick could just tell Zhu Li to "do the thing" and she would immediately know what to do. She always served Varrick loyally and never complained once. They eventually joined the Earth Empire together and began to work under Kuvira. There was a point when a weapon that they were working on exploded. Varrick saved Zhu Li and seemed that they were about to enjoy a tender moment until he told her to clean up his mess.

Varrick and Zhu Li eventually turned on Kuvira and were caught. Zhu Li then turned on Varrick and said that she was fed up with the way that she treated him while pledging her loyalty to Kuvira instead. However, this turned out to be a ruse in order to sabotage her plan, though Zhu Li was serious about wanting Varrick to treat her as a human. Before the final battle for Republic City, Varrick proposed to Zhu Li and she said yes. They ended up getting married after the final battle.


Zhu Li has some amount of popularity despite being a minor character. She did not have a lot of lines before Book Four. Some fans liked to ship Zhu Li with Varrick from the beginning while others felt that the ship was unfounded. Many especially felt that this was the case when Varrick compared her to a cold war machine. However, when the hints finally began to drop in Book Four, more fans began to ship them. Most were happy to see them get married at the end of the series.


  • Zhu Li's name literally means "assistant".
  • The creators considered pairing her with Bolin in Book Two.

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