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Zhao is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. He was a firebender and a general of the Fire Nation military. Zhao also appears in The Legend of Korra as a prisoner in the Fog of Lost Souls.


Slash Ships

  • Zhao Feng - Zhao and Long Feng
  • Zhaozai - Zhao and Ozai

Other Ships

  • Zhaoburns - Zhao and his sideburns

Canon Relationships

Zhao does not have any known relationships in the canon universe and he was eventually killed or at least permanently taken from the human world.


Zhao has mixed popularity in the Avatar fandom. He is regarded as being one of the best villains but is also hated for killing the moon spirit and causing Yue's death. A lot fans wished that they could have seen more of him beyond Book One. When he made a cameo in the Legend of Korra, many fans were excited and loved seeing him again. When it comes to shipping, Zhao is most often shipped with Ozai due to his loyalty to him and the fact that they are both evil. Zhao's sideburns are sometimes made into a meme.


  • Zhao was thought to have been killed when he was dragged into the ocean until it was revealed that he was actually taken to the Spirit World and thrown into the Fog of Lost Souls.

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