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Zexion is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He is number VI of Organization XIII and is known as the cloaked schemer. Zexion commands the power of illusion and fights with a lexicon. Before being turned into a nobody, he was a young boy named Ienzo who worked for Ansem.

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Canon Relationships


Zexion and Vexen were close before they even became nobodies. As Ienzo, he was a young orphaned boy who never seemed to speak at all. Ansem the Wise took him in and made him an apprentice but Even was the one who was often tasked with watching over him. There was one point when Ienzo escaped from the castle and Even had to chase after him. After Ventus saved Ienzo from a group of unversed, Even had to explain Ienzo's situation to him as the latter would not speak.

Ienzo and Even were later plunged into the darkness by Xehanort. Their nobodies were then made members of Organization XIII and named Zexion and Vexen respectively. They often worked together and were both eventually sent on a mission to Castle Oblivion. Zexion and Vexen were aware that Marluxia was planning to take over the organization and wanted to try and stop. However, Axel later killed Vexen in order to get closer to Marluxia. Zexion was clearly unhappy about this and doubted the trustworthiness of Axel. Zexion was eventually destroyed as well. He and Vexen appeared in Radiant Garden as Ienzo and Even again.


Zexion and Lexaeus also knew each other before becoming nobodies as Ienzo and Aeleus as both worked for Ansem. They were literally made members of the organization consecutively and seemed to get along well. Zexion and Lexaeus were both on the mission in Castle Oblivion. There they worked together to keep an eye on Marluxia who was plotting to take over the organization. Zexion and Lexaeus talk about how they are unsure if they can trust Axel after he killed Vexen. Zexion decides to have Lexaeus attempt to recruit Riku but this backfires and he is killed. Zexion was later killed as well. Ienzo and Aeleus later woke up as their whole selves again in Radiant Garden.


Zexion is a fairly popular Kingdom Hearts character. He is not as popular as other organization members such as Axel or Roxas but he is still rather popular. After the original Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories game, some fans theorized that he could still be alive but this was later disproved. A lot of fans found Ienzo to be adorable when he was introduced as the somebody of Zexion in Birth by Sleep. When it comes to shipping, Zexion is most often shipped with Lexaeus. He used to be shipped with Vexen a lot before fans learned of the age gap between them.


  • Despite the fact that nobodies are not supposed to age, Zexion seemed to age as a nobody as Ienzo was a boy when he was first turned into a nobody and is fully grown by the time that he appeared in Castle Oblivion.

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