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This is a great gift. Way better than a medal — cause you can eat it

Zari Tomaz is a principal character from Legends of Tomorrow.



Caitzari — the ship between Caitlin Snow and Zari
Tomance — the ship between Zari and Sara Lance
Zamaya — the ship between Zari and Amaya Jiwe
Zaralex - the ship between Zari and Alex Danvers
Zelen — the ship between Zari and Helen of Troy
Zinah — the ship between Dinah Drake and Zari


Hexari — the ship between Zari and Jonah Hex
Jaxari — the ship between Jefferson Jackson and Zari
Kidzari - the ship between Wally West and Zari
Romaz — the ship between Mick Rory and Zari
Timehacker - the ship between Rip Hunter and Zari
Zaray — the ship between Zari and Ray Palmer
Zate — the ship between Zari and Nate Heywood


Caitzamaya — the ship between Caitlin Snow, Zari, and Amaya Jiwe
Samari — the ship between Sara Lance, Amaya Jiwe, and Zari
Zamixen — the ship between Zari, Mick Rory and Amaya Jiwe


Totemship — the ship between Zari and Gideon


Amaya Jiwe

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Ray Palmer

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Can't believe we're in a time where women can't vote and the internet's not a thing. Savages.
—Zari on Victorian England
Men always find a reason to fight. That's not on her
—Zari on Helen of Troy
Huh? I hacked history.
I have spent so much time with you guys. You're my family now. You deserve to be happy. And if-if I can be a small part of making that happen then-this'll be worth it.
—Here I Go Again



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  • She is the first Muslim superhero to be portrayed in a live action tv series