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Zant is a character from The Legend of Zelda series. He is a Twili serving Ganondorf who takes over the Twilight Realm and usurps the throne from Midna.


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Zant and Midna are both Twili from the Twilight Realm. However, Zant wanted to rule the realm so he usurped the throne from Midna and turned her into a small imp. She seeks the help of Link and gathers the Fused Shadows but it turns out that he was aware of the plan the whole time. Zant tries to get Midna to join him and nearly kills her when she refuses. He is eventually defeated by Link who was helping the true princess of the Twilight Realm.


Zant is a slightly popular villain in the Zelda series. He only appears in one canon game but still has is popularity. However, when Zant shows his face, many find him to be ugly. A lot of fans hate what he did to Midna as she is a very popular character. At the same time, many ship Zant with Midna because they are both Twili and it works with Zelink.


  • Zant wears a Gerudo symbol despite being a Twili.

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