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Zaheer is a character in The Legend of Korra series. He is a member of the Red Lotus who became an airbender after Harmonic Convergence and was P'Li's boyfriend until she passed away.


Het Ships

  • P'heer - Zaheer and P'Li
  • Zahorra - Zaheer and Korra

Slash Ships

  • Ghazeer - Zaheer and Ghazan

Canon Relationships


Zaheer met P'Li at some point when they were much younger. P'Li was initially being held captive by a warlord who was using her as a weapon. Zaheer eventually found her and rescued her from the warlord. They eventually fell in love and started to date. Zaheer and P'Li also joined the Red Lotus at some point in time. At a later point in time, both were involved in an attempt to kidnap Avatar Korra as a child. They were captured and imprisoned separately for thirteen years. Zaheer thought about P'Li every day.

After thirteen years, Zaheer gained airbending from Harmonic Convergence and managed to escape from prison. He busted Ghazan and Ming-Hua out of prison and eventually managed to save P'Li as well. They made out in the car as soon as they got away. P'Li was thrilled and Zaheer told her that he never doubted that he would see her again. The worked together on multiple attempts to capture Korra. The two eventually shared another tender moment after capturing the Air Nomads. While they were attempting to capture Korra yet again, P'Li was killed by Suyin. Zaheer was distraught but was able to let go of his earthly attachments and fly off with Korra. Later, when Ming-Hua asked where she was, Zaheer explained that she sacrificed herself for their cause and was determined to not allow it to be in vain.


Zaheer is one of the most popular Legend of Korra villains if not the most popular. A lot fans were excited to finally see an airbender villain. The fact that Zaheer was not necessarily evil but a well-intentioned extremist who felt that he was doing what is best for the world also gained him a lot of popularity. Most fans ship Zaheer with his girlfriend P'Li. However, following is actions in Book 4, some started to ship him with Korra due to the fact that he helped her get better.


  • Zaheer's earthly attachment seemed to be P'Li as he was finally able to "enter the void" and gain the ability to fly following her death.