Yuhahn is the het ship between Hahn and Yue from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom.


At some point, Yue's father Arnook who was the chief of the Northern Water Tribe arranged for her to be married to Hahn who was a high ranking warrior. Hahn was happy about this and carved her a betrothal necklace as that was a Water Tribe tradition. While found Yue to be nice, he was more excited about the perks of being married to a princess. Yue did not love Hahn but was willing to marry him as she felt that it was her duty as the princess of her tribe. Hahn eventually boasted about the perks of being with Yue in front of Sokka which caused the two of them to get into a fight, as Sokka actually loved Yue. After the events during the siege of the north, Yue died as a human and became the new moon spirit. She and Hahn never got married because of this.


Yuhahn is not a very popular ship in the Avatar fandom. It is mostly shipped by fans who want to pair Sokka with somebody else such as Suki or Toph and want Yue to be paired with somebody. Most fans do not like Hahn because they felt that he was a jerk and especially did not want to see him with Yue as they felt that she deserved better.


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  • Yue died as a human and became the new moon spirit and it is possible that Hahn died as well because he was thrown overboard into a freezing ocean around an arctic climate.