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Yuga is a character in The Legend of Zelda series. He is a sorcerer from Lorule who served Princess Hilda until he betrayed her.


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Yuga was once a loyal servant of Princess Hilda. When they discover the parallel world of Hyrule that still has its Triforce, the two form a plan to steal the Triforce. Yuga pretends to be evil but still refers to Hilda as "her grace" when performing an action for her. He eventually merges with Ganon while Hilda arrives and pretends to protect Link. However, this is eventually revealed to be a ruse. Yuga eventually reveals that he only cares about power and not for the fate of Lorule. He then turns Hilda in a painting and absorbs her in order to steal the Triforce of Wisdom.


Yuga is not that popular of a Zelda character due to the fact that he only appears in one game and seems like a ripoff of Ganon. However, he actually possesses Ganon which many fans find to be cool as the role for the villain was hijacked by somebody besides Ganon for once. Yuga is not shipped much in the fandom but is sometimes shipped with Hilda.


  • Yuga is though to be the counterpart of Ganon from Lorule.