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Yamato is a character in the Naruto series. He is an Anbu from Konoha who can use the Wood Release as the result of an experiment. Yamato temporarily served as the leader of Team Kakashi when the latter was in the hospital.


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Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto was a member of Yamato's team. He was impressed by his potential and abilities yet also had to interfere whenever he got into a fight with Sai. Yamato had the ability to sense the manifestation of the nine-tailed fox inside of Naruto and was able to suppress it when needed. He was very worried when Naruto nearly unleashed the beast and tried to rush back to the village. While Yamato tried to convince Naruto to stop using its power, he still supported Naruto while he was attempting to gain control of it.

Sakura Haruno

Sakura was a member of Yamato's team. He was very impressed by her abilities and was also very cautious to protect her as she was the only medical ninja on their team. Yamato was impressed whenever Sakura showed signs of maturity and often had to remind her of things she said to Naruto whenever she got mad at Sai. He also consoled her when she was upset about Naruto losing control against Orochimaru.


Yamato tends to be an overlooked character in the Naruto fandom despite the fact that he was a member of Team Kakashi for a while. This is most likely due to the fact that he was not introduced until much later in the series and the fact that he did not play a large role in the final battle. Many fans like the fact that Yamato can use the Wood Release and find him to be cool for that reason. When it comes to shipping, Yamato is not shipped very often but is sometimes shipped with Sakura or Kakashi.


  • Yamato was six years old when he graduated from the academy and when he was promoted to Chunin.