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Xion is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series.


Xion is number XIV of Organization XIII though she is actually a replica. Xion wields a keyblade and commands the element of light like Roxas because she is his replica who was created by Vexen.



AkuShi - the ship between Xion and Axel
RepliShi - the ship between Xion and Riku Replica
Rion - the ship between Xion and Riku
RokuShi - the ship between Xion and Roxas
SoXion - the ship between Xion and Sora
VanShion - the ship between Xion and Vanitas


Larxion - the ship between Xion and Larxene
NamiShi - the ship between Xion and Naminé


Xion is a rather popular character in the Kingdom Hearts series. However, there are some mixed feelings about her as she also gets a lot of hate and is seen as a Mary-Sue by some. A lot of the criticism she receives is because of the fact that she was creating for one game and was pretty much retconned into the plot without really fitting in any other game. However, others also like her character and her tragic story. Xion is often shipped with Roxas as it was slightly implied throughout the game. However, many also ship her with others such as Riku or Axel in order to allow Roxas to be with someone else such as Naminé.


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Xion is the replica of Roxas and was always connected to him because of this. She looked up at Roxas and smiled at him when she joined the organization. After receiving her basic training, Xion was sent on missions with Roxas. She eventually revealed her face to him and started to join him for ice cream on top of the station tower. After Axel returned, he allowed them to become friends. Unfortunately, it turned out that Xion was created in order to absorb Roxas. She eventually began to grow stronger while he grew weaker. Xion was eventually forced to attack Roxas but he managed to defeat. As she faded away in his arms, Xion told Roxas that she enjoyed spending time with him and begged him to not allow Xemnas to have Kingdom Hearts. When Roxas was going to take on the organization by himself, she begged Riku to stop him.


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Xion was introduced to Axel through Roxas as the two boys were already friends. They became a part of the same trio that ate sea-salt ice cream together on the top of the station tower in Twilight Town after missions. Xion was assisted by Axel on numerous occasion when she temporarily forgot how the use the keyblade and after she woke up from her coma. They also fought on multiple occasions when Xion left the organization. When she was fading away in Roxas' arms, Xion told him that she enjoyed getting to know him and Axel.


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Xion and Riku fought when they first met. The organization had reported an "impostor" who was wearing similar robes so she was sent to deal with him. Xion lost the fight against Riku and was upset when he talked down on her. However, they began to be nicer to each other when Xion temporarily left the organization. Riku tried to help her learn the truth about herself. When Xion faded away and merged with Roxas, she asked Riku to stop him from taking on the organization alone and getting himself killed.


  • Xion took on a similar appearance to Kairi because she was Sora's strongest memory.