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Xemnas is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He the leader of Organization XIII in which he founded and is number I in. Xemnas is known as the Superior of the In-Between and uses ethereal blades as a weapon. He commands the power of nothingness and is the nobody of Xehanort.


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Xemnas founded the organization alongside Xigbar whom he made number II which was directly under him. In truth, they had been working together before they even became nobodies. Braig worked for Master Xehanort before he even possessed Terra. After he did possess Terra, Braig remained close to him and was the only one who knew that his amnesia was only a ruse. The two later lost their hearts at around the same time. After they were defeated, both ended up joining the true Organization XIII where they are hoping to become vessels of Xehanort.


Saïx was very loyal to Xemnas and quickly earned his trust. The former initially had plans to take over the organization along with Axel but he did not seem to notice this or care. Saïx would never attempt this because he and Axel grew apart. Despite the fact that he was number VII and not a founder, Xemnas trusted him enough to make him the second-in-command and put him in charge of handing out missions. After the two were defeated, Xemnas and Braig were able to get Isa to join the True Organization XII where he will eventually become a vessel for Xehanort.


Xemnas is a popular character in the Kingdom Hearts series due to him being the leader of Organization XIII and a final boss. A lot of fans were happy to see him come back in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. When it comes to shipping, a lot of fans pair him with Saïx but some ship him with other members of Organization XIII such as Xigbar or even non-members such as Aqua. Some fans even ship him with Kingdom Hearts due to his obsession with it. In fact, a lot of fans like to poke fun at this obsession.


  • Even though Xemnas is the nobody of Xehanort, he still created his name based on Ansem's in a similar manner to his heartless counterpart stealing the latter's name.

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