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Wu is a character in The Legend of Korra series. He is the current Earth Kingdom though his is considering the idea of dissolving the monarchy in the Earth Kingdom.


Canon Relationships

Asami Sato

Wu took an interest in Asami Sato at some point. They were both present at a ceremony celebrating the reopening of the Central City Station. After the ceremony, he proceeded to hit on her and asked for a tour of the new railway system. Asami was rather annoyed and made a comment about sending him "far, far away" but Wu was persistent. He interpreted her actions as being intimidated by his status and assured that he was human but super human. Mako then arrived to interrupt him and make up an excuse to get him away from her.


Wu also hit on Kuvira shortly before his coronation, even though she was engaged to Baatar Jr. at the time. He immediately complimented her on her appearance and continued his attempts to swoon her. Wu tried to get the hotel staff to assist her but found out that she took his royal suite. After his coronation, Kuvira announced that she was not stepping down and that the monarchy was now dissolved. Wu then had to be kept safe from her as he was wanted.


Wu got to meet Korra after she returned to Republic City. She had a lunch with Asami and Mako and the latter was forced to allow him to come. Wu immediately started to hit on her and asked her to enter the Avatar State so that he could see her eyes glow. Mako was upset when he found out that Korra wrote to Asami but not him and Wu mentioned that she did not write to him either. He was captured by soldiers working for Kuvira so Korra and the others had to help save him. Wu continued to flirt with Korra even though she bluntly stated that she would never go on a date with him. He later helped the city evacuate but admitted that he was just trying to impress Korra.


Wu has some amount of popularity but he was not introduced until the final book of the series. A large amount of fans immediately began to ship him with Mako because it worked with Korrasami and the other canon ships. Despite the fact that Mako could not stand being in his presence, many fans apparently picked up on some vibe. At the end of series, some fans even regarded the pairing as canon even though there was nothing to confirm it.


  • Wu is allergic to bee stings.
  • Following his coronation, Wu was still referred to as a prince until Kuvira was defeated, most likely because of her usurping his power.

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