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Luke carries Resus in his arms

WolfFangShipping (AKA Resuke or Lukses) is the pairing of Luke Watson and Resus Negative from the Scream Street book and TV series.


  • Luke is interested in Resus's cape.
  • Luke saves Resus from falling into the Underlands in Flesh Of The Zombie.
  • Luke sits with Resus by the river in Secret Of The Changeling.
  • Luke volunteers to give his blood to Resus from Blood Of The Witch.
  • Luke tells Resus to bite him to save Resus from his nightmare in Terror Of The Nightwatchman.
  • Luke smiles when he saw Resus fast asleep in Terror of the Nightwatchman.
  • Luke saves Resus from a crack on the streets before the giant rose from the Underlands in Flame Of The Dragon.
  • Luke puts his arm around Resus to try and make him admit that he wants to know which monster lives in the house just as much as he does in Monster House. (It almost looks like he's flirting with him)
  • Luke grabs Resus by the hand sometimes.
  • Luke and Resus like each others' jokes.
  • Resus puts his hand on Luke's shoulder and he leans his head onto his face in Homework From Hell.
  • Luke teaches Resus how to fly a kite in Body Swap.
  • Resus sometimes jumps into Luke's arms and Luke carries him like a princess in Gnome Sweet Gnome and Homework From Hell.

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