Weilin is the slash ship between Bolin and Wei from The Legend of Korra fandom.


Bolin and Wei first met when the former was visiting Zaofu in search for new airbenders. After Suyin started teaching Korra how to metalbend, Bolin also decided to try and learn. Eventually, Wei was sparring with Bolin while his twin brother Wing was sparring with Korra. When Wing was excited to spar with Korra, Wei complained about being stuck with her friend Bolin. Three years later, Wei and the rest of his family except for Opal were captured and imprisoned by Kuvira. Bolin joined Opal and Lin to rescue them. When Wei was thrown across a chasm from the cage he was in, Bolin was the one to catch him. Wei was thankful for this and smiled while patting him on the cheek. Bolin y wei se conocieron y Zaofu ojalá hubieran unido a wei al equipo avatar !!!!i love wei beifong!!!!


The Weilin ship set sail after the "Ho Yay" moment in Book Four: Balance. The fact that Wei patted Bolin on the face made many fans think that Wei had a crush on Bolin. A lot of fans decided to ship them together after that. With many fans wanting a same-sex relationship in the series, some felt that it was a good alternative to Korrasami because it does not interfere with Makorra. However, it interferes with Bopal and Opal did reconcile with Bolin after Wei was saved. However, there are still many fans who ship Weilin.



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