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Wei is a character in The Legend of Korra series. He is an earthbender and metalbender from Zaofu and the twin brother of Wing. Wei is also the son of Suyin and Baatar and the grandson of Toph. He invented the power disc game along with Wing.


Slash Ships

Canon Relationships

Wei is not known to have any relationships in the canon series. However, some feel that it has been suggested that Wei might have a crush on Bolin. While he was initially annoyed about being his sparring partner while his brother Wing got to spar with Korra, he eventually grew to respect him. When Bolin caught Wei after being thrown across a chasm from his prison, he was thankful and patted him on the face. However, Bolin patched things up with his sister Opal shortly after.


Wei is only a minor character and is often overshadowed compared to other members of the Beifong family. However, he at least seems to be slightly more popular than his twin brother Wing. This is most likely due to the fact that Wei had a "ho yay" moment with Bolin which got a decent amount of attention. Because of this, a lot of fans ship him with Bolin. Even those who do not ship him together still portray Wei as having a one-sided crush on him.


  • Since Wei and Wing are identical twins, it can be difficult to differentiate the two. However, Wei wears a band on his left arm, a round necklace, a circular belt buckle, a drape over his left leg, and has his hair parted to the left. Meanwhile, Wing has a band on his right arm, a pointy necklace, a hexagonal belt buckle, a drape over his right leg, and his hair parted to the right. This is how one tells Wei from Wing.

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