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Wan is a character in The Legend of Korra series. He was the first Avatar from a Lion Turtle who granted firebending and started off as a normal and impoverished boy.


Het Ships

  • Waava - Wan and Raava
  • Worra - Wan and Korra

Canon Relationships

Wan is not known to have any canon relationships in the series. Many fans think that he remained single throughout his life and focused on his job as the Avatar instead. Some fans think that he had feelings for Raava as he was dedicated to her and wanted to anything to protect her and make up for his mistakes.


Wan is a very popular character in the Legend of Korra. He was highly anticipated as soon as he was announced. A lot of fans were excited to finally see the very first Avatar and some also like that he was going to be voiced by Walking Dead star Steven Yeun. Many fans debated his origins as many expected him to be an Air Nomad. However, he turned out to be from what eventually became the Fire Nation. When it comes to shipping, Wan is most often shipped with Raava. Some portray her in a human form to make their ship seem more realistic. However, others like to speculate that he was never in a romantic relationship with anyone.


  • Wan name is considered to be a phonetic pun on the number one since he is the first Avatar. His name in Chinese also means "ten thousand" which refers to how many years passed between his era and Korra's.

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