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Vexen is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He is number IV of Organization XIII and was known as the Chilly Academic. Vexen commands the element of ice and uses a shield as his weapon. Before becoming a nobody, he was a man named Even who was an apprentice of Ansem.


Slash Ships

Canon Relationships


Even closely looked after Ienzo after he was taken in by Ansem. There was one point when he ran out of the castle when he was never supposed to leave so he Even had to go look for him. He eventually found Ienzo after Ventus saved him from a group of Unversed. Even and Ienzo were eventually turned into heartless and nobodies of them were also created. Xemnas recruited the both of them and named them Vexen and Zexion respectively.

Vexen and Zexion continued to work together as members of Organization XIII. They were eventually sent on a mission to Castle Oblivion. Vexen and Zexion often visited Riku along with Lexaeus in order to get him to go against Marluxia's plot to overthrow the organization. Axel is also working with them and eventually kills Vexen in order to get closer to Marluxia. Zexion is clearly bothered by this and begins to feel unsure whether or not to trust Axel. The two later come back in Radiant Garden as Even and Ienzo again.


Vexen is one of the less popular members of Organization XIII as he is often overlooked compared to the others. However, he still does have his fans and is sometimes paired with other members of the organization. A lot of fans did feel bad for Vexen when he was killed by Axel, especially in the remake of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories when he expressed fear before being killed. Vexen used to be shipped with Zexion a lot until it was revealed that there was an age gap between them.


  • Even's name is actually supposed to be Evan but the spelling was changed in the US because it had to work with the name Vexen.