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Ventus is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He is a keyblade wielder who trained under Master Eraqus and formerly Xehanort as well. Ven is the other half of Vanitas who was going to be used as a plot to form the X-blade. His heart has since been fractured so he is waiting inside of Castle Oblivion for someone to wake him up.


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Ventus first met Aqua when he was brought to the Land of Departure. She bombarded him with questions which caused him to pass out. Ven eventually woke up in his new room and became friends with her. They shared the same dream of becoming keyblade masters and often practiced together. Aqua was eventually made a keyblade master and was sent to retrieve Ven when he ran away from home. When she attempted to do so, Ven simply got mad at her and told her that she let being a keyblade master get to her head. However, they made up before their fight against Master Xehanort. Vanitas threatened to kill Aqua which forced Ven to fight him. Defeating Vanitas caused Ven to enter a coma so Aqua took care of him.


Ventus first met Terra when he was brought to the Land of Departure. He bombarded him with questions which caused him to pass out. Ven and Terra quickly became close friends and shared the same dream of becoming a keyblade master. They often practiced together and Ven was feeling down one day. Terra decided to pass down his wooden practice keyblade and they performed a mock inheritance ceremony. After the Mark of Mastery exam, Vanitas arrived and warned Ven that Terra would fall to darkness. Ven left the world and chased after Terra in order to deliver this message. When he was finally able to do so, Terra tried to convince Ven to go home with Aqua. He later saved him from Eraqus who was about to kill him. They later made up before their final battle against Master Xehanort.


Ventus and Vanitas were two halves to the same whole. Despite this, Ven only ever saw Vanitas as an enemy. While the latter was curious about the former, the ultimate plan was for them to fight and combine in order to form the X-blade. Vanitas appeared before Ven and warned him about Terra so that he would run away from home. He also threatened Aqua in order to force him to fight. Ventus and Vanitas fought for one final time. Ven was more than willing to destroy Vanitas despite the fact that it would also destroy his heart.


Ventus is a rather popular Kingdom Hearts character. He does not seem to be quite as popular as Terra but is still very popular. As soon as he was shown in a secret ending, many fans were interested in him as his appearance was nearly identical to Roxas. Fan girls of Roxas were also immediately attracted to him because he looked the same. When it comes to shipping, Ventus is commonly shipped with Aqua, Terra and Vanitas. There is also a big fan base for shipping him with Fuu despite the fact that it is a crack pairing.


  • Ventus is a name meaning "sky" which is meant to parallel the meaning of "sky" from Sora's name.