VenFuu is the het ship between Ventus and Fuu from the Kingdom Hearts fandom.


Ventus and Fuu have never even met in canon. VenFuu is considered to be a crack pairing.


VenFuu is a rather popular ship for a crack pairing and is one of the most popular het ships involving Ventus. Even though the two have yet to meet, fans are hopeful of this being a possibility in the future as Ven will still be a teenager when he wakes up. Many fans feel that the two would compliment each other well. Ven has a friendly and naive personality while Fuu is cold and serious. Some fans have also noted the fact that both have names based on wind.


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  • Ventus and Fuu both have names based on wind. Ventus means "wind" in Latin while Fuu is named after the Japanese wind god Fujin.