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Vanitas is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He is the embodiment of darkness from Ventus' heart and is the source of the unversed. Vanitas is also a keyblade wielder.


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Vanitas is the other half of Ventus as he was created from the darkness that was extracted from his heart. They still remained connected and Vanitas changed in appearance when Sora connected to Ven. Vanitas wanted to destroy Ven so Master Xehanort had to take him away and leave him at the Land of Departure. However, after he was gone, Vanitas began to miss Ventus and wondered about his own existence.

Years later, Vanitas visited Ventus at the Land of Departure and warned him about Terra falling into darkness in order to convince him to run away. This worked and he would appear before him multiple times. Vanitas eventually revealed the plan to form the X-blade and threatened to kill Aqua and Terra if he refused to fight. After attacking Aqua and rendering her unconscious, Ven was forced to fight him. When attempting to complete the X-blade, Ven opted to fight him in their Station of Awakening. Vanitas warned Ven that defeating him would destroy his heart do but he did so anyway.


Vanitas is a rather popular character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He is also one of the most popular villains. Despite the fact that he is inherently evil and pure darkness, a lot of fans feel bad for him and like to sympathize with him. In fan fiction, a lot of fans portray him as having a more innocent and curious side and have him end up not being entirely evil in the end. There are also quite a few fans who create fan characters and pair them up with Vanitas. When it comes to shipping, Vanitas is often paired with Ventus, Aqua and Xion.


  • The name Vanitas means "vanity" or "emptiness" and sounds similar to Ventus as the two are connected.
  • Vanitas originally had no face and red eyes until Ventus connected to the newborn Sora. Afterwards, he took on an appearance similar to that of a teen-aged Sora.

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