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Vaatu is a character in The Legend of Korra series. He is the spirit of darkness and chaos who was sealed in the Tree of Time for ten thousand years by Avatar Wan until he was freed. He then fused with Unalaq to become the Dark Avatar until Korra cleansed him.


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Canon Relationships

Vaatu is not known to have any relationships in the canon universe. He was imprisoned in the Tree of Time for ten thousand years and fused with Unalaq upon his release only to be cleansed by Korra and defeated. As such, the likelihood of him being in any relationship is slim.


Vaatu is a rather popular Legend of Korra character and is a popular villain. As soon as he was introduced and the source of the Avatar cycle was revealed, many fans began to speculate about the concept of a Dark Avatar and wondered if Unalaq was planning on merging with him. This especially became the case when it was revealed that Unalaq had been visiting Vaatu and planning something with him. Unalaq did eventually end up fusing with Vaatu and became the Dark Avatar. Vaatu is most commonly shipped with Raava but is also sometimes shipped with Unalaq. Like Raava, he is sometimes portrayed in a humanoid form in works of fanon.


  • Vaatu is supposed to represent the concept of yin though he is male and yin is typically depicted as a feminine concept.