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Ursa is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. She is the wife of Ikem and mother of Zuko, Azula and Kiyi. She is also a former Fire Nation princess and the ex-wife of the former Fire Lord Ozai.


Het Ships

Canon Relationships


Ursa never loved Ozai and was originally supposed to marry her childhood friend instead. However, she was forced into an arranged marriage with him. They had two children together but they never really got along. In fact, they argued over the way that Ozai was treating Zuko. Eventually, Ursa helped Ozai murder Azulon and she was exiled as a result. They also got a divorce and Ozai threatened to harm their children if she ever showed her face in the capital city again.


Ursa and Ikem were childhood lovers and were engaged for a day. However, Ozai arrived and took Ursa away, leaving Ikem heartbroken. While she was married to Ozai, Ursa still had feelings for Ikem and attempted to write letters to him. Following Ursa's exile, she returned home and was invited to breakfast by a man named Noren. It turned out that he was actually Ikem with a different face. He took Ursa to get her face changed and she also had her memories of Ozai and her children removed. They then got married and had a daughter named Kiyi. When Zuko came to their house, Ikem told Ursa the truth about their forgotten past.


Ursa is a very popular character in the Avatar fandom and was considered to be very mysterious for a while. She was behind one of the biggest unsolved mysteries as Zuko asked for her location and it was not revealed for many years. Many fans were excited to finally learn what happened when the comics were written. Most regarded her as a great if not perfect mother and were surprised to find out that she tricked Ozai into thinking that Zuko was Ikem's son which caused him to start mistreating him. Fans were even more shocked when Ursa willingly forgot about her children. Many fans shipped her with Hakoda and were disappointed to learn that she got remarried to someone else after leaving the Fire Nation capital.



Zuko is the son and first child of Ozai and Ursa. He is a firebender who can redirect lightning and became the Fire Lord following the end of the war. Zuko was scarred by Ozai at a young age for speaking out in the war room and refusing to fight his father in Agni Kai. He was banished for three years and was forced to search for the Avatar. Zuko was permitted to return to the Fire Nation for a while but eventually joined Team Avatar and taught Aang firebending. He remained the Fire Lord for over sixty years and eventually had a daughter named Izumi.


Azula is the daughter and second child of Ozai and Ursa. She is a firebending prodigy who can bend blue fire and generate lightning. She became the crowned princess of the Fire Nation after Zuko's banishment and was eventually appointed to be the Fire Lord but was overthrown by Zuko at her coronation. She went insane and was sent to a mental institution for over a year until Zuko released her so that she could help him find their mom. Azula helped with the search but eventually ran away. It is unknown what became of her.


Kiyi is the only daughter of Ikem and Ursa and the half-sister of Zuko and Azula. She is a friendly and playful girl who plays with a doll that she named after herself. Zuko quickly bonded with Kiyi and even went to look at her dolls while Azula intimidated her and threatened to behead her dolls. When Azula learned that Kiyi was her half-sister, she became jealous and felt that her mother was trying to replace her. Zuko later took Kiyi to the Fire Nation capital along with Ikem and Ursa.


  • Ursa was originally thought to be dead until the end of series when Zuko asked Ozai where she was.
  • Ursa is the only known character in both series to have been in more than one marriage.