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Undertale is a roleplaying video game developed and published by Toby Fox.


Long ago, monsters and humans ruled the Earth together in peace. One day, war broke out, and after a hard and long-fought battle, the monsters were banished to the underground, a massive cave large enourgh to have its own weather system. They were sealed in by a magic barrier that was at the top of Mt. Ebott, created by the human's seven greatest magicians. Anyone can enter through the barrier, but only something with an incredibly powerful soul could make it out. You play as the human Frisk, who has fallen through the barrier, and strives to make their way out. The are many different monsters, who can be friendly or evil. You can make many friends, or you can kill them all. But be warned-if you kill to much, you may lose something that is impossible to get back...

More about the plot at Underground - Undertale Wiki


Undertale is a very popular game due to its unique design and long, creative story. Some people don't like it because it is "old school", but many fans believe that it is very unique, and almost nothing like an "old school" style RPG.


Undertale fandom is also prone to multishipping and crack pairing fic and art.

The fandom is known for being largely involved in anti-ship movements, groups of people who attack other fans over their shipping preferences. A lot of these reported cases center around Frisk, Chara, and Asriel due to their ages and the fact that people write smut about them.

List of Ships


Asgoriel - the ship between Asgore and Toriel
Dogamyressa - the ship between Dogamy and Dogaressa
Sanphys - the ship between Sans and Alphys
Soriel - the ship between Sans and Toriel
Undyrus - the ship between Undyne and Papyrus


Papyton - the ship between Papyrus and Mettaton
Sansby - the ship between Sans and Grillby


Alphyne - the ship between Undyne and Alphys


Blookyton - the ship between Nabstablook and Mettaton
Chans - the ship between Chara and Sans
Charisk - the ship between Chara and Frisk
Flowisk - the ship between Flowey and Frisk
Flowtem - the ship between Flowey and Temmie
Frans - the ship between Frisk and Sans
Frisemmie - the ship between Frisk and Temmie
Frisk Kid - the ship between Frisk and Monster kid
Friskablook - the ship between Frisk and Napstablook
Frisriel - the ship between Frisk and Asriel
Gastara - the ship between Gaster and Chara
Papyrisk - the ship between Papyrus and Frisk


Chasriel - the ship between Chara and Asriel
Skelebros - the ship between Sans and Papyrus
Undertale's Logo
Ships Het SanphysSorielDunkin DonutsUndyrusPapyruffetMettalphysMuffetonAsgorielGrilletDogamyressa
Slash SansbyPapytonNicepants
Femslash AlphyneBratcat
Non-binary FlowiskFransPapyriskFrisemmieFrisk KidFriskablookChariskFrisrielChansGastaraFlowtemBlookyton
Familyships SkelebrosChasriel
Characters Male FloweySansPapyrusMettatonAsgoreAsrielMonster KidGrillbyBurgerpantsNice Cream Guy
Female TorielUndyneAlphysMuffetBrattyCatty
Non-binary FriskCharaTemmieNapstablook

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