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Unalaq is a character in The Legend of Korra series. He was the chief of the Northern Water Tribe, husband of Malina and father of Desna and Eska. Unalaq was also a waterbender and former member of the Red Lotus. He eventually became the Dark Avatar after fusing Vaatu but was eventually cleansed by Korra and killed.


Het Ships

  • Unalina - Unalaq and Malina

Slash Ships

Canon Relationship


Nothing is known about Malina as her name was revealed on and her face was never shown. All that is known is that she is Unalaq's husband and the mother of Desna and Eska. After Unalaq's death, the twins were nervous about telling her of his demise.


Unalaq is probably the least popular villain in the series due to the fact that he was overshadowed by all of the others. While the other villains seemed to at least have good intentions, Unalaq seemed to desire power more than anything else. Most fans predicted him fusing with Vaatu and becoming the Dark Avatar. He is often compared to Ozai due to the fact that he also stole a position of power from an older brother and was willing to leave his son Desna to die. When it comes to shipping, Unalaq is almost exclusively shipped with Vaatu.


Desna and Eska

Desna and Eska
Unalaq has twins named Desna and Eska. Desna is a male while Eska is a female. As such, they are fraternal twins. Desna and Eska are both waterbenders who can communicate with each other without even speaking. Eska briefly dated Bolin while Desna often joined her on their dates as they rarely leave each other's sides. They loyally worked for their father but eventually switched sides after he became the Dark Avatar. Following his death, they became the new chiefs of the Northern Water Tribe.


  • Unalaq was the second known character to usurp power from an older brother with Ozai being the first.

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