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Ummi is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. She was the fiancee of Avatar Kuruk until she was taken by Koh into the Spirit World. Ummi was from the Southern Water Tribe.


Het Ships

Canon Relationships


Ummi met Avatar Kuruk at the New Moon Celebration when the two Water Tribes met. It was love at first sight as Kuruk was immediately enamored by her beauty. Ummi also seemed to have feelings for Kuruk and the two began dating. He eventually proposed to her with a betrothal necklace to which she accepted. Ummi was at the wedding ceremony at the Spirit Oasis when Koh interrupted the ceremony and snatched her into the Spirit Oasis. Kuruk attempted to save her but he was too late.


Ummi does not have a large amount of fans as she does not appear much and has no speaking lines during the actual series. However, a lot of fans love her relationship with Kuruk. Many were heartbroken to see what happened to her and were bummed that she could not even be wed to him before the event happened. Some fans have written fan fiction about Ummi eventually being saved from Koh.


  • Ummi was often referred to as Kuruk's wife even though she did not actually get to marry him as she was taken by Koh before the wedding was complete.

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