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Ty Luko is a Het ship between Zuko and Ty Lee in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.


Zuko and Ty Lee have known each other since they were children. Ty Lee was friends with Zuko's sisters Azula. At one point, she an Azula saw Mai blush at Zuko. Azula decided to pull a prank on them and Ty Lee played along. Azula lit an apple on fire and placed it on Mai's head so that Zuko would tackle her into a fountain. Ty Lee was amused and laughed at Zuko.

Following Zuko's banishment, Ty Lee eventually joined Azula and Mai to help track him down and capture him. However, following the events in Ba Sing Se, Zuko was allowed to return to the Fire Nation. The group of four eventually went on a vacation to Ember Island. When Zuko was feeling down, they all joined him for a bonfire on the beach. Zuko complained that she was always happy and called her a circus freak but Ty Lee took it as a compliment because she loves being the way she is. Zuko eventually turned on the Fire Nation and the three ladies attempted to catch him at the Boiling Rock until Mai turned on him. Azula attempted to attack Mai so Ty Lee intervened as well and joined Zuko's side. Following the end of the war, Ty Lee joined the Kyoshi Warriors and was given the job to guard Zuko at one point.


Ty Luko as a small amount of popularity among the Avatar fandom. Despite the fact that Zuko's love interest was clearly supposed to be Mai and that Ty Lee had a crush on Sokka, many fans feel that these two would be a better match. Some think that Ty Lee had a small crush on Zuko, especially when she turned on Azula along with Mai. There are a lot of fans who hate Mai and her boring personality and want to see Zuko with someone besides her, Katara or a one-shot character. Ty Luko most commonly rivals the Maiko, Zutara, Ty Lokka, and Ty Laru ships.