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Ty Lokka is the het ship between Sokka and Ty Lee from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom.


Sokka and Ty Lee started off as enemies. They first met in Omashu while doing a prisoner exchange. Sokka and Ty Lee met on the battlefield multiple times because the former was trying to protect Aang while the latter was trying to help capture him. A one-point, they battled near a river and Ty Lee told Mai that she found Sokka to be cute. However, she still chi-blocked Sokka who eventually headbutted her.

Sokka and Ty Lee later met again inside of a mechanical drill. Sokka was trying to help destroy it from the inside while Ty Lee was trying to defend it per Azula's orders. However, Ty Lee was still happy to see Sokka and he smiled at her flirtatiously in return before Katara pulled him away. The two late fought again during the fall of Ba Sing Se. Ty Lee got in Sokka's face and said that it was like they were dancing together but Sokka was reluctant due to be involved with Suki at that point. When Sokka saw Ty Lee as Zuko's coronation, he yelled that she was disguised as a Kyoshi Warrior again until she revealed that she actually joined them this time.


Ty Lokka is a popular ship among the fans of Avatar. Since Ty Lee was clearly crushing on Sokka and Sokka actually flirted with her at one point, many fans hoped that the two would end up together until Suki was brought back to the series. Despite the fact that the two were on opposite sides of the war, many fans hoped that this would change. When Ty Lee turned on Azula, some fans theorized that she did so because of her crush on Sokka. Ty Lokka commonly rivals the Sukka, Tokka, Tyzula and Ty Laru ships.



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