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Ty Lee is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. She is a former circus performer and chi blocker who used to work for Azula. Ty Lee is currently a Kyoshi Warrior.



Ty Laang - the ship between Ty Lee and Aang
Ty Laru - the ship between Ty Lee and Haru
Ty Lokka - the ship between Ty Lee and Sokka
Ty Luko - the ship between Ty Lee and Zuko


Mai Lee - the ship between Ty Lee and Mai
Tyzula - the ship between Ty Lee and Azula

Canon Relationships


Main article: Ty Lokka

Ty Lee developed a crush on Sokka as soon as she saw him. She even told Mai that he looked cute. The two later saw each other again while they were inside of the giant drill. Ty Lee said hi to Sokka and he flirtatious waved back before Katara dragged him away. Sokka and Ty Lee ended up fighting during the fall of Ba Sing Se. She got in his face and commented that it was like they were dancing together. However, Sokka backed away awkwardly and said that he was involved with Suki at that time.


Main article: Ty Laru

Haru and Ty Lee have never been seen interacting in canon but they got together in the non-canon "School Time Shipping" short. Haru had been pursuing Katara and tried to get her to go to the dance with him but she rejected him because she found him to be too sensitive. Ty Lee then appeared and told Haru that she likes sensitive guys. Haru then decided to go to the dance with Ty Lee instead and she tackled him while kissing him on the cheek.


Ty Lee is a popular Avatar character. While some find her to be slightly annoying, many fans love her perky and goofy personality. At the end of the series, Ty Lee joined the Kyoshi Warriors. Some fans loved this while others found it to be stupid because she stated that she hated being a part of a matched set. A lot of fans speculated that Ty Lee turned on Azula along with Mai because of her crush on Sokka while others thought that she did so simply because of her friendship with Mai and Zuko.


  • Ty Lee has six identical sisters.