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Ty Laru is the het ship between Haru and Ty Lee from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom.


Haru and Ty Lee never met in canon but this ship happened in the non-canon spinoff "School Time Shipping" which a super deformed short. Throughout the short, Haru was pursuing Katara and trying to get her to go to the dance with him. However, Katara told Haru that he was too sensitive for her and she had already decided to go with the Blue Spirit. Ty Lee then arrived and told Haru that she likes sensitive guys so Haru decided to go with her instead and they kissed off-screen.


Ty Laru is a rather popular Avatar ship even though it is mostly considered to be a crack ship. It is mainly based on the fact that it was parodied in a short. A lot of fans think that they look cute together and feel that their personalities would match well. Some have noticed that Pema looks like Ty Lee and speculate that she might be the daughter of Haru and Ty Lee. Ty Laru most commonly rivals the Tyzula, Ty Lokka and Harutara ships.



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  • Haru and Ty Lee ended up together in a non-canon short. However, after Katara rejected Aang, Haru was still seen trying to pursue her.