Ty Laang is the het ship between Aang and Ty Lee from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom.


Aang and Ty Lee did not interact that much one-on-one but the two started off as enemies. Ty Lee joined Azula in her mission to capture Aang. There was one point when she attempted to attack Aang and block his chi but Aang was easily able to repel her with his airbending. Ty Lee mostly faced Katara who would come to Aang's aid. She was present during the coup of Ba Sing Se and believed Aang to be dead along with everybody else. However, Ty Lee betrayed Azula and the Fire Nation at some point and she and Aang were no longer enemies by the end of the war.


Despite the fact that the two have not been seen interacting that much and that the pairing might even be considered to be a crack pairing, Ty Laang seems to have a decent amount of followers. This mostly stems from the fact that Aang and Ty Lee are similar personality wise. Both are very cheerful and optimistic and love to have fun. Some fans notice Ty Lee's rivalry with Katara and like to portray it as a love rivalry. A few have even joked that Ty Lee is possibly an airbender and that she and Aang could fall in love because of it.



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