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Tuyen is a character in The Legend of Korra series. She is a flower seller from a town in the Earth Kingdom.


Het Ships

  • Tulo - Tuyen and Meelo

Canon Relationships


While Tuyen was on the street trying to sell flowers, Meelo approached her while he was looking for Korra. He showed her a sketch and asked if she had seen her. Tuyen said that she had not but was impressed when Meelo flirted with her and said that he was on a top secret mission to find the Avatar. She even blushed when Meelo called her beautiful. Unfortunately, his sister Ikki arrived and interrupted them. Meelo had to leave so Tuyen gave him a flower and wished him luck.


Tuyen is a minor character who only appeared in one episode. Because of this, she is not a very popular character. However, she is shipped often with Meelo due to the scene that they had together. A lot fans were happy because she gave Meelo a love interest and were disappointed when she never appeared again or was even mentioned. Some have written fan fiction about the two meeting again in the future. However, Tuyen still is not very popular in fan art or fan fiction.

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