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Tulo is the het ship between Meelo and Tuyen from the The Legend of Korra fandom.


Meelo and Tuyen met when the former was searching for Korra along with his sisters. Tuyen was on the street selling flowers and Meelo happened to run into her when he stopped by her town. Meelo asked Tuyen if he could trust her and then leaned in towards her ear and whispered that he was on a "top-secret mission" to find the avatar. Tuyen did not have any information but was still impressed that Meelo was on an important mission such as this and he told her that he has encountered some crazy things. Meelo then introduced himself and asked Tuyen what she was besides "beautiful" but after she introduced herself, Meelo's sister Ikki interrupted them and said that Jinora was looking for him before remarking that Meelo found a girlfriend. Tuyen then gave Meelo a flower before they parted ways which caused Meelo to blush.


The ship between Meelo and Tuyen became popular as soon as they flirted in the episode where they met. Many fans hoped to see more of Tuyen so that she and Meelo could get together. However, Tuyen never appeared again after that one episode that she appeared in. However, many fans believed that the two could have met again after the end of the show. Some believe that he would go back to her town to search for her. Some fans have also made memes about the pairing, such as a How I Met Your Mother meme.