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I am Iron Man. The suit and I are one. To turn over the Iron Man suit would be to turn over myself, which is tantamount to indentured servitude or prostitution, depending on what state you're in. You can't have it.
—Tony Stark

Tony Stark is a character in the Iron Man fandom. He is a brilliant engineer and suave billionaire, as well as CEO of Stark Industries, originally created by his father Howard Stark.

After being captured by the terrorist organization Ten Rings, he created a powerful generator embedded in his chest called an Arc Reactor to keep him alive, as well as constructed the first prototype Iron Man armor. After his return to the U.S. he reconstructed the armor, and using the power generated from the Arc Reactor donned the pseudonym of Iron Man.

He is one of the founding members and adviser of the Avengers team.



I had my eyes opened. I came to realize that I had more to offer this world than just making things that blow up. And that is why, effective immediately, I am shutting down the weapons manufacturing division of Stark Industries.
—Tony Stark

Early life

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999), Tony Stark was born to the wealthy spouses Howard and Maria Stark. His father was absent emotionally and physically during Tony's upbringing, and Tony resented him for it. Tony was additionally aggravated of how Howard used to frequently talk about Captain America, whom he had worked with during the Second World War.

Tony had his brilliant mind in common with his father, however, and he used it to build brilliant creations. At age four he had constructed his first circuit board, at six his first engine, and at seventeen he had graduated summa cum laude from MIT.

In 1991, both of his parents were killed in a car crash. Obadiah Stane, Howard's lifelong friend, became CEO of Stark Industries. At 21 Tony took over, changing the face of weapon's industry forever with new, smarter robotics and weaponry, following in his father's footsteps.

Becoming Iron Man


I do have a responsibility to keep my inventions from evil hands – but I have a greater responsibility to oppose that evil any way I can. So, Tony Stark may have done his bit out there, but only Iron Man can do what has to be done...
—Iron Man

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