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Toko is the het ship between Zuko and Toph Beifong from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom.


Toph and Zuko first met during a confrontation in Tu Zin. They both took on Azula who ran away. However, Zuko would later turn on Team Avatar again in Ba Sing Se but he eventually came to his senses and tried to join Team Avatar so that he could teach Aang firebending. When Zuko arrived at the Western Air Temple, nobody else trusted him and wanted him gone but Toph has the ability to sense lies and could tell that Zuko was sincere. She tried to convince everybody to give him a second chance but her pleas fell on deaf ears. Toph later went to visit Zuko at his campsite but he accidentally burned her feet. He later apologized and Aang finally allowed him to join.

At one point, Zuko had trouble firebending because he finally got rid of his inner turmoil. While most members of Team Avatar were being sarcastic, Toph actually gave him serious advice and suggested that he seek the original source of firebending. The two also later had a conversation about Zuko betraying Iroh. When Aang went missing, Toph immediately decided that she wanted to team up with Zuko because everybody else but her got to go on a field trip with him. She told Zuko stories of her past but he was more focused on finding Aang. After the war ended, Toph attended Zuko's coronation as firelord.


Toko is a popular ship in the Avatar fandom. Many fans especially started to ship the two together when Toph wanted to go on a field trip with Zuko. A lot fans assumed that she had a crush on him and some thought that Zuko might like her back since he blushed when she grabbed his arm. Many also love the fact that Toph was the first to trust Zuko. Since Zuko is royalty and Toph is from a wealthy family, there are a lot of fan fictions about a marriage between the two. Toko most commonly rivals the Maiko, Zutara, Tokka, Taang, and The Doph ships.



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  • Toph was the last member of Team Avatar to meet Zuko and the first to trust him unless Appa is counted.