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    10:48, December 23, 2013

    Here are the results of the poll that was created at 15:10 on October 28, 2013. There were 14 people who voted for the Brittana VS Klaine, Ship Battle and the results are:

    Position Title Votes Percentage
    1 Klaine 10 71.42%
    2 Brittana 4 28.57%

    Debate about the ship here! Who did you vote for? Brittana? or Klaine? Why?


    • Please do not flame users for any reasons.
    • This is a argument between two characters. This is a place to voice your opinion for who is the better ship.
    • Same rules that are entered in the policies apply.
    • This is a place to have a discussion about the two ships and who you think is better. If the discussion gets out of hand. This discussion WILL be closed.
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