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The Legend of Zelda is a video game series belonging to Nintendo.


There are multiple Zelda games and the plot and setting of each game varies. All canon games star Link as the main hero who wields a sword and must save the land from a certain evil. That evil is usually Ganon or Ganondorf. Sometimes they can have "sidekicks" such as Vaati or Ghirahim. Princess Zelda appears in all games except for two and the role that she plays can vary. She usually plays a huge role in each game except for one during which she only appears once in a flashback. Most games take place in Hyrule or at least have Hyrule visited but there are multiple exceptions.


The Legend of Zelda has a large fandom. It has been very popular since the very first game was released. Since then, many other games have been released in the series and quite a few of them have been popular. Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess are probably two of the most popular games. The Legend of Zelda series has also been the center of a lot of fan theories. Theories about the timeline were numerous and often caused heated debates until an official timeline was finally introduced.

The Legend of Zelda has also invoked the creation of numerous memes. One of the most popular memes involves Link barging into houses and breaking pots. Another involved the character Navi constantly saying "Hey! Listen" and stating the obvious. The unofficial CD-I games which are considered to be a joke by nearly everybody also started a lot of memes as they included voiced cut-scenes that many found to be humorous in a bad way. Link's famous two lines "I can't wait to bomb some Dodongos!" and "I'm so hungry, I could an Octorok!" are known by those who have not even played the games. In these cut-scenes, the King of Hyrule also says "My boy!" in a voice that many make fun of and sentences a criminal to scrubbing all of the floors in Hyrule. So many fans find this to be hilarious.

The fandom of the Legend of Zelda has a large variety of ships due to the fact that each game has a different setting with different characters. A large amount of ships involve the main protagonist Link. Since there are multiple different Links throughout the games, it is technically possible to ship multiple ships involving Link without them interfering with each other. This also applies to Princess Zelda though she is less likely to be shipped with anybody besides Link. Zelink is the most popular ship but Midlink is also very popular.

List of Ships

Note: Most of these pairings do not have an agreed upon name, and are subject to change.

Het Ships

Slash Ships

Femslash Ships

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