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The 100 is a 2014 CW dystopian drama series, based on the book of the same name by Kass Morgan. It takes place in the year 2232.


For three seasons, THE 100 have fought to survive. That fight has torn them apart, turned them against each other, and taken the lives of their closest friends. In season three, our heroes found themselves at the epicenters of both the Grounder world and the struggle for Arkadia’s soul. Despite their best efforts, all out war appeared unavoidable until a new, even more dangerous threat, one that had been quietly rising all along, exploded to the surface: ALIE, the A.I. that ended the world, offered relief from pain and eternal life in the “City of Light,” but as her ranks grew, it quickly became clear that she was building an army dedicated to controlling all sentient life on Earth. This was no longer a battle between warring factions; it was a fight for humanity itself. Now, in the wake of the epic season three finale, a hard truth lands on the shoulders of those who remain. What’s left to fight for now? Will they go quietly into the night, or will they find hope and faith in each other, as they face their darkest chapter yet?






Actavia – the ship between Octavia Blake and Atom
Bellarke – the ship between Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake
Faven – the ship between Raven Reyes and Finn Collins
Finnarke – the ship between Clarke Griffin and Finn Collins
Jaya – the ship between Maya Vie and Jasper Jordan
Jactavia – the ship between Jasper Jordan and Octavia Blake
Kabby – the ship between Abby Griffin and Marcus Kane
Loctavia – the ship between Octavia Blake and Lincoln
Memori – the ship between Emori and John Murphy
Octilian – the ship between Ilian and Octavia Blake
Ravenbell – the ship between Raven Reyes and Bellamy Blake
Wellarke – the ship between Wells Jaha and Clarke Griffin
Wickaven – the ship between Raven Reyes and Kyle Wick


Briller – the ship between Bryan and Nathan Miller
Minty – the ship between Nathan Miller and Monty Green
Murphamy – the ship between John Murphy and Bellamy Blake


Clexa – the ship between Clarke Griffin and Lexa
Niylarke – the ship between Niylah and Clarke Griffin
Octaven – the ship between Raven Reyes and Octavia Blake
Princess Mechanic – the ship between Raven Reyes and Clarke Griffin


Jonty – the ship between Monty Green and Jasper Jordan


Belltavia – the ship between Octavia Blake and Bellamy Blake

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