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Terrella is a Het ship between Terra and Cinderella in the Kingdom Hearts series.


Terra arrived at the Castle of Dreams just in time to see Cinderella crying in the garden. It turned out that her stepmother and stepsisters had torn up her dress because they did not want her to go to the ball. Terra began to comfort her and encouraged her to not give up her dreams. The Fairy Godmother then arrived and gave her a new dress along with a carriage. Terra decided to serve as her bodyguard.

Terra accompanied Cinderella to the ball that was being held by Prince Charming. Cinderella and Prince Charming soon started to dance but they were interrupted by a large unversed. Being her bodyguard, Terra protected her by defeating the unversed. However, following the defeat of that unversed, the clock struck midnight so Cinderella had to flee.


Terrella is a rather popular Kingdom Hearts ship. It is one of the most popular ships involving a Disney character with a non-Disney character. Even though it was known from the start that she would eventually end up with Prince Charming, some find him to be boring and would rather see her with Terra. This was especially the case because Terra was the one to comfort her when she was distraught and served as her bodyguard at the ball. Terrella most commonly rivals the Terraqua and Cinderella/Charming ships.