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Terra is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He is a keyblade wielder from the Land of Departure who trained under Master Eraqus. Terra was later possessed by Master Xehanort and became an apprentice of Ansem the Wise. He also left behind a lingering will of his armor in the Keyblade Graveyard.


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Aqua and Terra have been friends since they were children and trained together under Master Eraqus as they both had dreams of becoming keyblade masters. Both often looked after Ven together and eventually took the Mark of Mastery exam. Terra did not pass but was still sent on a mission. He was briefly upset with Aqua when he found out that she was tasked with keeping an eye on him but eventually cleared the ill feelings between them. Aqua tried to help Terra after Master Xehanort possessed him and fell into the Realm of Darkness in order to save him.


Terra befriended Ventus after the latter arrived to the Land of Departure. They trained as keyblade wielders together as they both hoped to become keyblade masters someday. At one point, Ven was feeling down so Terra gave him his wooden practice keyblade and they performed a mock inheritance ceremony. After failing the Mark of Mastery exam, Terra left the world on a mission while Ven chased after him with a warning. When he found out about Vanitas, he tried to get Ven to return home with Aqua. Terra eventually found out that Master Eraqus was going to destroy Ven and intervened, killing Eraqus in the process.


Terra is a very popular character in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. He is possibly the most popular character from the Land of Departure trio. Many fans find his story to be sad because of what Master Xehanort did to him. Most like to play his story first in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. Terra is most often shipped with Aqua as many see an obvious connection between the two. Some also like to pair him with Cinderella because he comforted and protected her. There are also some slash ship fans who pair him with Ventus.


  • Terra's name means "earth" in Latin which parallels Riku's name meaning "land" in Japanese.