Teoph is a Het ship between Teo and Toph Beifong in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.


Toph and Teo have not been seen interacting that much in the series. They first met at the rendezvous point before the Fire Nation invasion. They both took part in the invasion which ended up being a failure. Toph and Teo both escaped on Appa and sought refuge in the Western Air Temple. They stayed there for a while until Azula found them and attacked the temple. They were then separated as Teo left with Hakoda and the non-members of Team Avatar while Toph left with Team Avatar.


Teoph had a decent amount of popularity in the Avatar fandom. Many fans feel that they balance each other out in a similar manner to the Taang ship since Teo has the spirit of an airbender. Some fans like the idea that they both have disabilities as Toph is blind while Teo is a paraplegic. They are also both from the Earth Kingdom. Teoph is commonly shipped along with Kataang, Maiko and Sukka as it solves the issue of Toph not having a love interest at the end of the series. Teoph commonly rivals the Tokka, Taang, Toko, and The Doph ships.