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Teo is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. He is the son of a mechanist who lives in the Northern Air Temple.


Het Ships

  • Jeo - Teo and Jin
  • Teoph - Teo and Toph Beifong

Canon Relationships

Teo does not have any known love interests for the duration of the series.


Teo has a small amount of popularity in the Avatar fandom. While he is not that common in shipping, some fans like to ship him with Toph. Some feel that Teo compliments Toph's personality well and feel that they balance each other since Aang mentioned that Teo has the spirit of an airbender and Toph in an earthbender. Some fans have also speculated that Teo might be related to Zaheer. The reason for this is that Zaheer has an eyebrow that is very similar in appearance to the mechanist who is Teo's father. There is also the fact that Teo grew up in the Northern Air Temple and had the spirit of an airbender while Zaheer was always enthusiastic about Air Nomad culture before he even became an airbender and was at the level of a master only two weeks after becoming an airbender.