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Teldo is a Het ship between Renado and Telma in The Legend of Zelda series.


It is unknown exactly how Renado and Telma first met but Telma seems to have at least known about Renado prior to the start of the game. When Prince Ralis is sick in her bar and the local doctor is unable to help him because he is a Zora, she pitches the idea of taking him to Renado in Kakariko Village. Upon arriving there, Telma acts rather flirtatious with him. She will later be alone in Renado's house with him while swaying in place and smiling. Telma will tell Link about his admirable traits and eventually try to clue him into leaving them alone.


Teldo is a Zelda ship that is often overlooked in comparison to other ships. This is mostly likely due to the fact that this ship involves two secondary characters who only make an appearance in one game. While it is very obvious that Telma has a crush on Renado, it is not seen if he feels the same way. Renado already has a daughter named Luda but is unknown who the mother is or what happened to her. Still, there are quite a few fans who ship Teldo because it does not interfere with any ships except for Telma and Link which is not very popular.


  • Renado seems to have some characteristics of a Sheikah while Telma seems to have some of a Gerudo.