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Tahno is a character in The Legend of Korra series. He is a waterbender and the captain of the White Falls Wolfbats pro-bending team. He temporarily lost his bending to Amon until it was restored by Korra. Tahno also eventually became a trombone player.


Het Ships

  • Tahnami - Tahno and Asami Sato
  • Tahnorra - Tahno and Korra

Canon Relationships

Tahno does not seem to have any traditional relationships in the canon universe. However, he has been seen with multiple women around him on many occasions. This makes it clear that Tahno does have an interest in women but would rather bask in his fame than pursue a traditional relationship. He also seemingly hit on Korra at one point.


Tahno was a popular character for the duration of Book One. While he was seen as a jerk at first, many fans found him to be funny, especially when he flirted with Korra. A lot of fans also shipped him with Korra as an alternative to Makorra and Borra. Some fans began to sympathize with him after he lost his bending and hoped to see more of him but he never had a speaking role again. Fans were upset and wanted to see him again as well as find out if Korra ever gave him his bending back. Tahno was eventually given cameos in Book Four as fan service.


  • Tahno has very pale skin for a waterbender. This has caused many fans to make memes about him. Some speculate mixed ancestry or the possibility of him being from the Foggy Swamp Tribe.

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