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Ta Min is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. She was the wife of Avatar Roku.


Canon Relationships


Ta Min knew Roku from her childhood. He had a crush on her but she did not seem to know that he was alive, according to Aang. However, Ta Min was seen blushing and Roku at his birthday party. Roku was announced as the Avatar and had to leave the Fire Nation so that he could go master the other elements. He returned after being gone for over twelve years. Ta Min eventually married him and they had a daughter named Rina at some point. They lived on a volcanic island until it erupted and everybody evacuated while Roku stayed behind to try and save the island. Sozin came by to help but eventually left Roku to die, leaving Ta Min behind as a widow.


Ta Min is a rather minor character in the Avatar series and only has a small amount of fans because not much is known about her. However, a lot of fans like her because she was married to Avatar Roku and it turned out that she is also related to Zuko and Azula. Many fans ship Ta Min with Roku as a parallel to Aang and Katara since both Roku and Aang had to be persistent in order to win them over.



Rina is the daughter of Roku and Ta Min. She eventually moved to the town of Hira'a on the outskirts of the Fire Nation. There she eventually married Jinzuk who was the magistrate. Together they had a daughter named Ursa. They lived a happy life until Prince Ozai arrived to propose to Ursa. They married and after the wedding, Rina was never allowed to see Ursa again. She and Jinzuk eventually passed away before Ursa was finally able to return to Hira'a.


  • Ta Min as the same voice actress as Azula who happens to be her great-granddaughter.