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Suki is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. She is the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors.


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Suki first met Sokka when he showed up at Kyoshi Island. He ambushed him and he was upset that he lost to a female. He later showed up while she training and challenged her so she made an example of him. Sokka later trained with her apologized for being sexist to her. Suki kissed Sokka and escaped. She was so inspired by him that she left the island with the other Kyoshi Warriors so that she could go help in the war.

Suki eventually saw Sokka again at Full Moon Bay and kissed him. She accompanied him and the rest of Team Avatar across the Serpent's Pass. Sokka was overprotective of her which she found to be annoying. Suki tried to kiss Sokka but he wouldn't kiss her back. However, after they made it through the pass. Sokka and Suki finally kissed. They considered themselves to be a couple at this point.

Suki was eventually captured and imprisoned by Azula. She believed that Sokka would come to save her and told Azula this a lot. Sokka and Zuko eventually came to the Boiling Rock and found her there. She managed to escape and Suki joined Team Avatar at the Western Air Temple. The two continued their relationship and even spent time together in a tent at one point. Their relationship continued for a least a few years after the war ended.


Suki was one of the most popular minor characters in the Avatar fandom. She was so popular that the creators decided to bring her back to the show. Many fans were excited to see her return to the show and were especially excited when she became a member of Team Avatar. Many shipped her with Sokka but some fans had mixed feelings about their relationship because they felt that Sukka was rushed. Suki is the only member of Team Avatar to not be seen or mentioned in the Legend of Korra outside of a mural in the first opening sequence. A lot fans are unhappy about this.


  • Suki was originally only supposed to appear in one episode but was eventually brought back by popular demand.

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