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I don't know. Family, stability — the guy who wanted all that went in the ice 75 years ago. I think someone else came out
—Steve to Tony

Steve Rogers is a character in the Avengers fandom. He is a genetically enhanced super-soldier who fought in the Second World War, brought to the present day after his resurrection from being encompassed in ice.



Steve Rogers's father died when he was a child, and his mother lost her life to pneumonia during his late teens.


Avengers - Steve Rogers Skinny (Captain America The First Avenger)

Steve Rogers before Project: Rebirth

Steve Rogers was born a sickly and frail child, and would often be subject to attacks from bullies. His father died during combat in the First World War, and his mother succumbed to tuberculosis, forcing Steve into an orphanage. Despite his weak form, his resiliency to the bullies that fought him impressed Bucky Barnes, and the latter came to his aid to fight them off. The two quickly became friends.

Avengers - Steve Rogers (Captain America The First Avenger)

Steve Rogers after the Super-Soldier Serum

After realizing his aptitude for art, Steve and Bucky enrolled in an art class. Years later, it was there that they found out the U.S. had joined the Second World War, and Bucky began training Steve in boxing, with Steve's desire to be recruited in mind. Despite his best efforts, Steve was rejected due to his many ailments and significantly small frame. Having overheard Steve and Bucky's conversation, scientist Abraham Erskine admired his spirit and signed him up as a candidate for Project: Rebirth.

Steve was submitted to military training, and after having thrown himself over a dud grenade (which he believed was live), he was selected due to having shown bravery and camaraderie towards enemies. Steve was successfully injected with the Super-Soldier Serum (SSS), and thus had most every function of his body enhanced to the absolute peak of human capability.



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Peggy Carter

Main article: Steggy

Peggy Carter is the only woman who is seen developing strong feelings for Steve before he was enhanced with the Super Serum. She and Steve bonded over Steve's good heart, bravery and morals, as Steve was unassuming, kind and a gentleman unlike any Peggy had previously encountered, who did not shy away from her shining light as a strong woman.

Sharon Carter

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Fanfiction and fanart revolving around Captain America often incorporate his lack of experience with the modern world and bisexuality.



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Who's ready to help me sock old Adolf on the jaw?
—USO Captain America
I'm loyal to nothing, General -- except the Dream
—Steve Rogers