Spideypool is the slash ship between Peter Parker and Wade Wilson from the Marvel fandom.



Their homoerotic friendship has been alluded to many times in the Marvel Universe, and the huge fan culture surrounding the two characters led to their own spinoff comic series being released in 2016 called "Spider-Man/Deadpool" (a reference to the Spideypool slash ship).

Whilst Deadpool is pansexual in canon and has Spider-Man listed on the 'free pass' list he agreed with his wife, Shiklah, Spider-Man doesn't exactly return his feelings.

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In the episode 'Ultimate Deadpool' of the 'Ultimate Spider-Man' cartoon series, for example, Spider-Man is repeatedly frustrated and angered by the antics of the merc with a mouth. Despite this, most people regard the two as tentative friends.


  • Andrew Garfield, who plays Peter in The Amazing Spiderman, and Ryan Reynolds, who plays Wade in the X-Men series, kissed at the 2017 Golden Globes.
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