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Sozin is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. He was the Fire Lord who started the one hundred year-long war against the rest of the world.


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Nothing is known about Sozin's wife, save for the fact that she was the Fire Lady and mother of Azulon. Sozin would have been eighty-two years old when Azulon is born, so it is likely that his wife was way younger than him. It is also possible that Sozin did not marry his wife until after Roku's death.


Sozin is not a very popular character but he is a popular villain since he did start the main conflict of the series. He actions led to a war that lasted for one hundred years and had a great impact on the entire world. Still, he receives some hate for betraying Roku and starting the war. However, fans also like to ship him with Roku because of their close friendship before the conflict and the fact that he did regret betraying his friend on his death bed. Many fans are grossed out by the fact that he was eighty-two when his son was born.



Azulon is the son of Sozin and his only known child. He eventually became the Fire Lord before his second son Ozai murdered him in order to take his position. Azulon is the wife of a woman named Ilah and the father of Iroh and Ozai. When his grandsom Lu Ten was killed and Ozai demanded inheritance to the throne, Azulon was angered and ordered him to kill Zuko. This led to his assassination.


  • Sozin was 102 years old when he passed away.
  • Sozin was around 82 years old when his son Azulon was born.
  • Sozin supposedly regretted betraying Roku when he was on his death bed.

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