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Sora is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He is a keyblade wielder from Destiny Islands.


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Sora and Kairi have been friends since they were children and the latter ended up on Destiny Islands. They always shared a special connection and were very close. They later decided to try and travel to other worlds on a raft along with Riku. Sora and Kairi had a heart-to-heart conversation and Kairi told him to never change. Destiny Islands was later swallowed by the darkness and Kairi lost her heart though it sought refuge with Sora.

Sora traveled the worlds searching for Kairi and eventually learned that her heart was with his. Sora released his heart in order to return Kairi's heart and was turned into a heartless. Kairi hugged Sora's heartless which allowed him to return to his human self. Sora went to look for Riku while Kairi waited for him back at Destiny Islands. They would be apart for over one year.

Kairi was eventually captured by Organization XIII. Sora was upset when he found out and was determined to save her. He even got down onto his knees and begged Saïx to take him to her. Kairi was eventually rescued and she and Sora embraced upon reuniting. They were briefly separated again but were eventually reunited at Destiny Islands.


Sora had fake memories of Naminé before they even met due to the latter tampering with his memories. Sora found out that she was being held captive in Castle Oblivion and was determined to save her. His memories of Kairi were eventually replaced with Naminé. When they finally met, Naminé tried to help Sora remember Kairi. He was never mad at her for changing his memories. She eventually was going to put Sora in a coma and restore his memories. Naminé warned Sora that he would forget about her but he insisted that they would meet for real afterwards.


Sora and Riku have been best friends since they were children. They always played together and also had a friendly rivalry. Sora and Riku shared the desire to travel to other worlds and eventually attempted to do so on a raft along with Kairi. They were taken away from the darkness but were eventually reunited. However, Maleficent manipulated Riku into thinking that he no longer cared for him and convinced him to side with the heartless. However, he eventually learned the error of his ways and helped Sora close the Door to Darkness.

Sora went to look for Riku and spent over a year doing so. Riku had taken on the appearance of Xehanort's heartless and did not want Sora to see him that way. Sora encountered him the Realm of Darkness and knew that it was him even though his face was hidden. He also encountered him in the Land of Dragons but he ran away from him. Sora finally got to see Riku in the World that Never Was and was very emotional. They fought Xemnas together and ended up being stuck in the Realm of Darkness together until Sora opened the Door to Light. Sora and Riku returned to Destiny Islands together.


Being the main character of the Kingdom Hearts series, Sora is one of the most popular characters. However, he is still often overshadowed by Riku and some of the members of Organization XIII. Still, Sora has a great amount of popularity. The fandom is pretty divided on whom they like to ship him with. When it comes to het ships, Sora is most commonly shipped with Kairi because it is semi-canon. As for slash ships, an overwhelming majority ship Sora with Riku. Many fans believe and Sora and Riku's relationship transcends beyond a normal friendship.


  • Sora was never meant to be a keyblade wielder but he obtained one instead of Riku when the latter gave into the darkness.